In Ireland, there is no doubt a certain association with Corrugated Iron and the bad ol poor days, or that it is only fit for sheds now! Luckily, there are an increasing number of architects and projects that are throwing this association in the bin. Certainly, Corrugated Iron can be used in retrofits, particularly of the exact type of older buildings with which it is associated anyway; but it can also be used in new buildings. Such a versatile material has multitudes of uses!

On this page are some examples of more modern projects that have used corrugated. If you have such a building yourself, or if you are an architect and have worked on one, let us know at

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 Architects and companies we have come across who use or have used Corrugated iron to good effect on renovations or new buildings:

Fergal McGirl -

John Moylan -

dara o'connell  -